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Biodesign institute

Biodesign Institute

The Biodesign Institute supports 15 research centers and 200 active research projects and represents Arizona’s single largest research infrastructure investment in the biosciences. Its talented researchers are pioneers of a dynamic new academic research model and hub of 21st century innovation, with the Biodesign Institute’s convergent technologies and fields of research focus on biomedicine and health outcomes, sustainability and security.

Created on the premise that scientists can overcome complex societal issues by re-imagining the “design rules” found in nature, the institute’s researchers are addressing an expansive array of global challenges by creating “bio-inspired” solutions.

Among the institute's goals are new vaccine discovery and delivery, including breakthroughs efforts made with Ebola, and early detection and treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. The institute recently served as a platform for the launch of the start-up, HealthTell, an  “immunosignature technology” device designed to quickly test blood and measure an individual’s immune response to cancer. Our groups are also working to develop techniques for detecting and removing contaminants from air and water and the application of nanotechnology for biomedicine and electronics.

From exploring how a better hybrid chicken, the Kuroiler, can help communities in poverty, to global health grand challenges and crop protection developing countries, over the last 10 years the Biodesign Institute has accelerated discovery and application of new technologies and treatments globally.

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