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Chinese Language Flagship Program

Chinese Language Flagship Program

China not only has a rich cultural heritage, but is also one of the largest economies in the world and an important player on the international stage. Arizona State University's Chinese Flagship and Flagship-ROTC Programs aim to create global professionals who can work bilingually and bi-culturally in the United States and the Chinese-speaking world.

Flagship students achieve a superior level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese while strengthening pre-professional development in their chosen fields of study. In a constantly changing and connected world, there is an urgent and ongoing need for professionals who are experts in their specific domains, as well as effective cross-cultural communicators. Our graduates are able to apply their language proficiency in a variety of fields, such as the arts and humanities, economics, finance, supply chain, marketing, business management, global health, computer information systems, engineering, military intelligence and sciences, anthropology and more.

Flagship students come from diverse backgrounds and strengthen global engagement through interpersonal exchanges that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. The all-encompassing capstone experience of studying and interning abroad in China allows our students to distinguish themselves from their peers in a competitive environment. The ASU Chinese Flagship program provides the opportunity for bright and dedicated students to become highly skilled and informed citizens and to embark upon careers in government, education, the private sector and non-profit organizations to build a better world.

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