College of Health Solutions

The College of Health Solutions works across the university to offer students high quality education with real-world experiences and connections in a variety of health and health care related fields. We also collaborate with strategic partners to improve health outcomes, lower costs and increase access. Our goal is to create lasting, positive impact on health, nationally and globally, starting with efforts locally. In 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked our audiology program No. 17 and speech language pathology program No. 21 in the nation.

The International School of Biomedical Diagnostics is a global center for research, teaching and service in the emerging field of biomedical diagnostics. The school was launched in 2014 as part of a transatlantic higher education partnership between Arizona State University, the largest public research university in the U.S., and Dublin City University, a world-class leader in biomedicine and diagnostics. The new school infuses the industry with skilled workers prepared to boost innovation through the emerging field of biomedical diagnostics.

Hearing for Humanity is a humanitarian clinical audiology program offered through the Department of Speech and Hearing Science in the College of Health Solutions at ASU. The program assists with the hearing health care needs of children and adults in a Malawi, Africa, through direct service provision with a focus on training and education for a sustainable impact.  It is estimated that in Malawi 4 percent of the population and 13.3 percent of children between the ages of 0-15 years have hearing and ear-related problems. Limited medical and audiological intervention resources exist to improve the situation due to the lack of trained professionals. Students and faculty from ASU, together with students at African Bible College and clinical officers the University of Malawi College of Medicine, administer aid, prevention education and treatment of ear and hearing disorders in the community. More than 2,700 individuals in Africa have been supported through this program.