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College of Integrated Sciences and Arts

College of Integrated Sciences and Arts

The College of Integrated Sciences and Arts offers 21st century degree programs to students at ASU’s Polytechnic, Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and Lake Havasu campuses — and around the world through the ASU Online.

Engaged with scholars in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, College of Integrated Sciences and Arts faculty and students work to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

With partners in the U.S., Israel and France, for example, the computational optics group explores the interactions of light with matter at the nanoscale and manipulation of molecules using laser radiation, with exciting implications for many areas of science, medicine, and computing. And in social sciences, our team studies the impact of science and technology on culture, economic development and social change in Africa.

Committed to interdisciplinarity, faculty across letters and sciences address questions with global impact, including:

  • In what ways can we promote the health of individuals, families, groups, and organizations?
  • How do we build cross-cultural understanding in diverse societies?
  • What drives changes in plant and animal communities over time and how can we sustain Earth’s natural resources and restore damaged habitats?
  • How do students learn and how can we better teach them to be successful in mathematics, sciences, languages, writing — and in life?

In addition to research collaboration with faculty, the college also offers study abroad experiences in Italy, Ireland, London, Dominican Republic, Fiji and South Africa exploring topics of history, gender relations, culture and sustainability.

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