The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has 23 academic units that are home to more than 16,000 students. Three ROTC units reside in the college and there are 40 research centers actively seeking answers to complex social, scientific and humanistic research puzzles and questions. World-class faculty, students and staff in the sciences, social sciences and humanities are pursuing scholarship and discovery through hundreds of studies on all seven continents on Earth, as well as into the origins of the stars and planets of our solar system.

In addition to traditional degree offerings, the college also offers international accelerated degree programs with partner universities overseas, global health internships in Guatemala, Tanzania, and Peru, and language and culture experiences with the Flagship Programs in China and Critical Languages Institute. Extensive study abroad and Fulbright experiences help our students solve health issues in developing nations, research literature and language from cultures that span world history, and create sustainable systems and environments globally. With more than 50,000 alumni, our graduates and faculty are creating broad change in our communities and the world.