Global Education

At Arizona State University, we are forging a new role for higher education in the world by engaging with people and issues locally, nationally and internationally. Our university is one of the top producers of U.S. Fulbright winners, who teach and study abroad each year. We are proud to provide our students and faculty hundreds of international study, research, internship and service opportunities in nearly every corner of the world.

Through meaningful educational programming, ASU students are engaging with people and issues around the world, learning global business competencies and developing broader world views.

The Global Education Office serves as a hub for students and faculty interested in engaging globally through credit-bearing activities around the world, offering more than 250 programs in 65 countries. More than 2,500 students study abroad annually with support from more than $1.4 million in scholarships and grants. Students earn ASU credits and grades while abroad – allowing them to maintain progress toward timely degree completion – and gain valuable skills to help them succeed in the workforce and face tomorrow’s most pressing global challenges.

ASU is also proud to be the state’s top-producing school for Peace Corps volunteers. These volunteers develop cross-cultural, leadership, language, teaching and community development skills and make a difference through meaningful service that tackles the most pressing needs of people around the world.

Among the innovative programs at ASU are language studies with the ASU Chinese Language Flagship Program,  School of International Letters and Cultures and the Critical Languages Institute, field schools  in tropical biology, global health, anthropology/archaeology, and student-driven projects, such as GlobalResolve.

The Chinese Language Flagship and Flagship-ROTC Programs aim is to create global professionals who can work bilingually and bi-culturally in the U.S. and the Chinese-speaking world.
The Critical Languages Institute is one of the largest summer language endeavors in the U.S., supported by ASU’s Melikian Center.
The Global Education Office supports more than 2,000 ASU students each year, offering 250 different programs in 60 countries around the world.
GlobalResolve encompasses projects ranging from prosthetic limbs to improved crop production partnering in 13 countries in Asia, Africa and North and South America
HEAL International students travel to Africa and work alongside local university students to create specific programs designed to break down HIV stigmas, develop public health solutions and build communities.
The Melikian Center is a comprehensive research and training center at ASU with research and instructional missions in critical languages, international development, advising and study abroad.
Peace Corps volunteers tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems, from climate change, pandemic diseases and food security to gender equality and empowerment.
The Smithsonian Tropical Research institute (STRI) offers facilities that empower staff scientists, fellows and visiting scientists in a range of tropical studies.