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Global Futures Laboratory

Global Futures Laboratory

One of the world’s leading earth scientists, with an expertise in the Earth’s hydrosphere and how humans affect the planet’s natural state, Professor Peter Schlosser, heads Arizona State University’s new Global Futures Laboratory.

The laboratory is a platform from which to take a broad look at the trajectory of our planet and the role of global society in shaping it, to gather and synthesize knowledge from many frameworks and to fundamentally alter how we manage the planet in ways that achieve sustained habitability.

In the near term, Global Futures will focus on achieving a balance between creating new ideas and knowledge and zeroing in on outcome-driven problem-solving. It also will build new and bigger collaborations; find untapped opportunities that lie between disciplines, schools and existing projects; and amplify ASU’s global impact.

ASU hopes to build a world headquarters for an international alliance of prominent scientists working together to address the most critical issues related to human society and the future states of planet Earth, looking at new energy systems, food security and land degradation, environment and public health, depletion of natural resources, water scarcity, and new economies (such as a carbon economy) and other areas needed for a rapidly changing world.

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