Hearing for Humanity

Hearing for Humanity is a humanitarian clinical audiology program offered through the College of Health Solutions at ASU. The purpose of the program is to help to address the hearing health care needs of children and adults in a Malawi, Africa through direct service provision with a focus on training and education for a sustainable impact. 

In Malawi, it is estimated that 4 percent of the population and 13.3 percent of children between the ages of 0-15 years have hearing and ear-related problems. Limited medical and audiological intervention resources exist to improve the situation due to the lack of trained professionals. Students and faculty from ASU, together with partners in Malawi, administer aid, prevention education and treatment of ear and hearing disorders in the community.

Created by Ingrid McBride, a clinical associate professor, Hearing for Humanity's four faculty members and 36 Doctor of Audiology students have worked to test children and adults, take ear impressions, fit hearing aids and train audiology professionals. More than 2,700 individuals have been assisted since the program was founded in 2010.