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McCain Institute for International Leadership

McCain Institute for International Leadership

Though based in Washington, D.C., the McCain Institute is part of Arizona State University. Focused on having an impact on the nation’s and world’s most critical issues and discussions, the institute offers policy research, events, internships and other activities committed to supporting American global leadership, humanitarian action, national security, and upholding democratic and human rights.

In October 2018, the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University launched its first major initiative since the passing of Senator John McCain: #MavericksNeeded, a nonpartisan campaign calling on Mavericks to stand up, speak out, get in the arena and vote on November 6th.

The institute's most recent initiative is the "We hold these Truth's" campaign that's dedicated to reintroducing the concept of human rights to younger generations and motivating them to advocate at home and abroad.

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