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SolarSPELL Initiative

SolarSPELL Initiative

The SolarSPELL initiative's mission is to empower learners globally by providing localized educational information and the training to build 21st century skills in offline environments.

We serve disconnected schools and communities by providing a relevant, education-focused, offline digital library — without the need for costly, long-term infrastructure improvements — and matching the technology with locally-based trainers who can support the necessary development of internet-ready skills.

The SolarSPELL (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library) digital library is ultra-portable and offline, generating its own WiFi hotspot to which any WiFi-capable device can connect and freely surf the library's expansive — yet localized — open-access content.

To date, SolarSPELL team members have traveled across the Pacific and East Africa to carry out training with local teachers, health care workers, and Peace Corps volunteers and deploy the first 365+ SPELL libraries, but that is just the first step! We incorporate feedback from the field into ongoing improvements, as we prepare to expand.

The three focus areas for current and future projects include:

  • US Peace Corps countries, globally, supporting the education sector 
  • Nursing Schools in East Africa 
  • Primary and secondary schools in East Africa Refugee Camps

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