Sun Devil alumnus takes passion for ASU to London


Matt Oxford

Marcos Gold’s passion for giving back not only shows up in his work, but also in what he does with his free time.

Gold, who graduated from Arizona State University with degrees in political science and sociology, now resides in London. With the help of another ASU alumnus in the United Kingdom, Gold was able to start the London chapter of the ASU Alumni Association.

Often times Gold has to rely on word of mouth to find Sun Devils in the area. He also has the help from the staff at the university, which gives him a heads up when new alumni are moving to London. Gold will often try to introduce them to the local chapter as soon as they land. He said that the hard work has been rewarding.

“The warm and receptive nature of the university always made it like home,” said Gold.  “So if I could bring a bit of that to London then it was a no brainer.”

Gold works in London as a parliamentary assistant to the Right Honorable David Lidington CBE MP.  His role varies day to day but often involves assisting constituents with any numbers of different issues like their immigration, health care, benefits or housing. 

“I remember walking through our constituency when a resident stopped David and I to say thank you for helping her family with a particular problem they were having with their immigration case,” Gold said. “That was very satisfying to know that we made a difference.”

Gold said he was fortunate to have dual citizenship because working for the UK Parliament without being a British citizen is rather difficult — but that isn't all you need. Gold said that getting involved early in his career has helped him learn the “inner workings”.

“My advice for anyone who is hoping to enter government or politics is to get involved at any level,” said Gold, “whether it is by canvassing or volunteering at your local association.”

Gold, who also received his master's in international relations and democratic politics while in the U.K., said that ASU helped prepare him for his time in London. Gold said that he felt more confident in his abilities and ready for the rigors of a master's program.

“The wide range of subjects that I touched upon while studying gave me an opportunity to explore different perspectives,” Gold said. “Without sounding dramatic, what I learned at ASU prepared me for a career in politics and government for life.”