• International Students and Scholars Center

    The International Student and Scholars Center offers key information, forms and support for international students and faculty members' studies and research at ASU. Read more

  • ASU's Global Locust Initiative

    Global Locust Initiative

    The Global Locust Initiative and its partners work to fundamentally change the way the world addresses locust plagues. Read more

  • Global Futures Initiative

    Global Futures Initiative

    Global Futures Initiative looks for ways for humankind to manage the planet as a whole and extend habitability. Read more

Global at ASU: Transforming the world

At Arizona State University, we are forging a new role for higher education in the world by engaging with people and issues locally, nationally and internationally. ASU is ranked #1 among all public universities chosen by international students in the United States (Open Doors Report, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015). Also, ASU is in the top 10 for study abroad and offers opportunities for research and development, and promotes innovation, professional enrichment and international collaboration in more than 80 countries.

From medicine to robotics, energy to human rights, and scientific discovery to business development and global management, our students, world-class programs, faculty, and engagement abroad reflect the issues we care about and real-world impact we hope to provide in our increasingly global community.