ASU Architecture

What we do

Comprehensive Networked Partnerships

Our global network of universities, educational ministries, organizations and partners make it possible to reach thousands of learners around the world. 

Capacity Development

Empowering learners and leaders around the world to empower others. Innovation happens when everyone contributes to making a change.

University Design advances innovation, culture and leadership development so that ASU can accelerate on its trajectory sustainably, well into the future..

Mastercard Foundation eLearning

Addressing the disruption to learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic by helping partner universities deliver high-quality and inclusive online instruction and virtual support to all students.

Access to quality education

Creating opportunities for every learner regardless of location or socio-economic status.

Education for Humanity

Education for Humanity, an initiative of Arizona State University, is meeting that need by offering online courses to over 2,000 refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Cintana Education

Cintana helps universities outside of the U.S. connect with ASU resources and experts to break through to the next level of educational innovation in an increasingly competitive global market.


Addressing the growing need for highly educated professionals in the tourism industry in Southern China.

Global Launch

Providing English language training, academic skills development and cultural experiences for international students anywhere in the world.

Innovating new models for education

Partnering with global universities and organizations to find new ways to facilitate and promote education at the local level.


Cintana Education helps universities achieve their ambitious goals in growth, quality, and reputation by providing educational resources and networks to enhance learning deliverables.

TEDI London

Founded by Arizona State University, King's College London and UNSW Sydney, The Engineering & Design Institute, London (TEDI-London) is a new higher education engineering enterprise for open-minded, ambitious and creative problem solvers who want to make a difference.

Addressing global challenges

Part of learning is taking action. ASU is committed to educating the future leaders of the world through hands-on experiences that tackle today’s toughest challenges.