ASU campus

Who we are

Innovating and elevating opportunities in individual education and socio-economic development around the world.

Our mission is to create new models for learning, teaching and increasing educational access through partnerships between ASU units, organizations and universities around the world.

Reaching learners where they are

Learners deserve a high-quality education regardless of location, access to technology or socio-economic status. Our team is committed to meeting learners where they are at all stages of learning.

Inclusivity and diversity

Fueled by our commitments to access and inclusion for globally-minded learners, ASU has transformed into a hub for engagement, community, growth and support for thousands of globally-minded learners in the U.S. and abroad.

Solutions-based research

 In the past decade, ASU has reorganized academic departments around challenges in sustainability, social justice, business and health innovation, allowing the university to rapidly deploy solutions-focused teams for scalable projects in developing countries. This enables the university to rapidly deploy solutions-focused teams for projects in developing countries.

Intentional innovation at scale

Our job isn’t just to help one learner or tackle one challenge. At ASU, we act with urgency and intention to create solutions that can expand and grow over time as the world continues to change.