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Creating pathways for inbound international students to succeed at the #1 most innovative university in the U.S.

ASU welcomes students from 136 countries around the world. More than 9,000 students call ASU home. No matter where you’re from, ASU is committed to providing high-quality, globally-respected degree programs and student support services to ensure your success.

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Opportunities and resources for international students seeking admission to Arizona State University or in-country opportunities provided by ASU.

Earn admission to Arizona State University

At ASU, you’ll have access to a high-quality education, as well as research, entrepreneurial and other valuable opportunities. Earn admission to more than 300 undergraduate and graduate-degree programs.

mprove your English proficiency

Online and in-person English courses and programs designed for learners who want to improve their skills for their personal lives, careers or to achieve ASU admission.

Explore global degree programs

Through meaningful educational programming, ASU students are engaging with people and issues around the world, learning global business competencies and developing broader world views.

Experience American university life

When you join ASU, you become part of one of the most vibrant and inclusive universities in the U.S., with an enthusiastic student body and breathtaking campus. Find your place at ASU.

The ASU experience in your country.


ASU in Egypt

Providing degree opportunities, ASU curriculum, networking and study abroad experiences for Egyptian students


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 ASU in China

Providing dual-degree opportunities for Chinese students interested in tourism, parks, and public service.


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ASU in Japan

Enhancing curriculum in global business and trade to advance international education for Japanese students.


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ASU in Mexico

Facilitating cross-border education, cultural understanding and access through university partnerships and special programming


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