Four students walking in corridor. Cintana Education is a collaboration to help universities.

Cintana Education

Cintana Education is an independent public benefit corporation. Cintana Education was conceived through a collaboration between ASU President Michael Crow and Douglas Becker, the former founder, chairman and CEO of Laureate Education. Cintana was created to help universities outside of the U.S. connect with ASU resources and experts to break through to the next level of scale and quality, so they can thrive in today’s increasingly competitive global market.  

ASU regularly receives inquiries from universities all over the world seeking its advice, support and mentorship to guide their efforts to transform their institutions. The partnership with Cintana provides ASU with a more streamlined pathway, working with some of the world’s leading international education experts, to manage these requests and scale the insights of ASU in keeping with the mission laid out in ASU’s Charter.

Together with Cintana, we are building the Cintana Alliance, an international network of universities that will work together to meet the rising global demand for high quality postsecondary education.

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