ASU International Development (ASUID)

The ASU International Development team works to identify, qualify and pursue pipeline projects that provide solutions to the most complex challenges facing the developing world, as part of the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.

We provide the linkage between ASU’s world-class corps of researchers and international development funding agencies and implementers working in developing countries worldwide. We place special emphasis on partnering with USAID and its contractors, and are leading and partnering in USAID-funded projects in multiple countries.

Our focus is large-scale projects in higher education and university design; K-12 education; environmental sustainability (water, energy, cities), as well as the financial and organizational sustainability of public and private enterprises; big data and its deployment in advanced decision-making environments; citizen security and rule of law; healthcare innovation; entrepreneurship and innovation; and leadership development for rapidly evolving societies.

ASU International Development is putting New American University subject matter experts on the front line of research and innovation to drive sustainable development in countries worldwide.

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