ASU in Egypt

Galala University (GU)

Galala University (GU) was established as the first-ever comprehensive smart university in Egypt, putting scientific research, local and international job requirements, and hands-on experience at the core of its learning strategy. It was established through government funding to support the Egyptian national strategy to increase access to high-quality, international education.The university comprises 13 faculties and accommodates over 12,000 students in various disciplines.

Through the ASU-Cintana alliance network, GU and ASU partner to grant GU graduates dual degrees. For the first time, students can earn a fully accredited bachelor’s degree from both a top-ranked American public university and a National Egyptian university, without leaving Egypt. Staff and faculty from across the university work collaboratively to provide an outstanding learning experience to GU’s local and international students, ensuring each student graduates with a premier education. 

In addition, GU seeks to be a leading educational institution across the MENA Region, fostering continuous research methodologies and active learning for students. It also aims to maintain a competitive advantage in promoting quality education while encouraging students to acquire essential skills to meet the local, regional, and international labor market needs. The university is planned to grow to 25,000 students.