ASU in China

ASU in China


In partnership with the Ministry of Education in China, the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions has established Hainan University – Arizona State University International College of Tourism (HAITC).  It is China's first Sino-foreign cooperative tourism institution and Hainan's first Sino-foreign cooperative institution as approved by the Ministry of Education of China. 

HAITC offers three undergraduate and two graduate dual degrees in China for students interested in tourism, parks, and public service. Students are fully admitted ASU students, with access to all ASU services. HAITC integrates international education concepts and highlights innovative and interdisciplinary characteristics, designed to address the growing need for highly educated professionals in tourism management, parks and recreation management, and public administration.  These programs provide an excellent foundation and prepare students well in their respective disciplines, focusing on supporting social, cultural, and environmental benefits within the Province and beyond.

China Online Hub

ASU and Cintana Education offers four online master’s degree programs in Mandarin in China. These degrees are the Master of Engineering in computing and technology, Master of Arts in education, Master of Applied Leadership and Management, and the Master of Science in psychology. Through the ASU Zai Xian or China Online Hub, Chinese students also have the ability to enroll in any of the other ASU Online degree programs offered in English.


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